Looking for the easiest, low-cost, convenient ingredients to add strong flavour to your meals?  Bouillion may be your best bet for turning water into” broth”. Thanks to its relatively low cost, ease and speed of use, and intense flavour, bouillon is a popular ingredient in kitchens on virtually every continent.
Bouillon, pronounced “Bool-yone” is the French word for broth and both names are used interchangeably. Across West Africa, bouillion powder is used by many households as it has slowly become a part of the local culinary culture.

Typically made up of salt, sugars, starch, vegetable fats, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, herbs, and spices, bouillon enhances the flavor of dishes including soups and stew, delivering the fifth taste element – Umami. Umami is found in soups presenting a meaty, savoury profile with fullness and deeper mouth feel, a long-lasting and mouth-watering sensation to every meal.

Since its discovery, bouillon has become a go-to for seasoning meals. Bouillon powders and cubes are used to season soups and stews, and in some cases, are even sprinkled directly over cooked plates of food. The popular Knorr and Maggi bouillon flavours aided cooking by making it easy to achieve tasty meals and gradually became international brands that offer a wide range of bouillons for soups, stocks, sauces, dressings, and gravies.

Africans are known for diverse flavours and meals, the bouillon has richly embraced the diversification of local & ancient food traditions to create new ones. Yes, it delivers umami, but it also presents a combination of other local spices and herbs all in on sprinkle or cube making it a one-stop bullet for food preparation.
Welcome to our fourteenth edition, where we feature the tasty oomph that is Bouillon!
Through Cuisine field work, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria has developed a range of cooking bouillon powders offering not just umami but also a source of flavour explosion in each sprinkle or cube.
Introducing the Freddy Hirsch bouillon powder seasonings, available in:

With a customer-centric focus, Freddy Hirsch developed this new range of flavours to meet the demand for local authentic flavours, while also considering the fast-paced environment increasing the demand for more quick-service restaurants and meals.

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of our ‘A Taste of Africa’ newsletter!

Kojo Brifo
Managing Director, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria

The Flavour of the Month

Our flavour for the month is the bouillon powder seasonings, designed to satisfy the demand for local seasonings and flavours in every meal. Its richness and versatile nature, embrace other natural flavours to recreate several different other flavours giving you a burst of umami in every meal!

Hello Africa, What’s cooking? Whatever it might be, there is a bouillon for every and any culinary adventure!

Find out more about our Bouillon seasonings here



Freddy Hirsch, Symrise Partnership Continues to Drive innovation in Local West African Flavours

The Freddy Hirsch and Symrise partnership continue to drive innovation in local West African flavours.

In this interview, Kojo Brifo, Managing Director of Freddy Hirsch Nigeria and West Africa speaks on the food flavors industry in Africa, the impact of the Ukraine/Russian war on food security in Africa, and the company’s partnership with Symrise to improve food innovation.

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