Who We Are

Founded in 1956 by Freddy Hirsch, our company has grown into Africa’s most reputable indigenous producer and distributor of extracts for spices, ingredients and flavours and backbone partner to beverages, dairy, confectionary, meat, snacks, healthcare, bakery and other food-affiliated industries on the continent. Our South African heritage and headquarters has evolved to become the largest supplier of industrial spices, casings, and meat processing equipment in all of South Africa, servicing thousands of customers, including independent butcheries, major retail chain stores, meat processing factories, and poultry factories.

Our West African operations, based in Nigeria has innovated into the fastest growing African producer and distributor of extracts for spices, ingredients and flavours with expanded capabilities as a full-scale concentrate backbone creating authentic flavours through local insights in the regional culinary market.

Our Purpose

Every day, millions of Africans enjoy the high-quality taste technologies provided by our customer and partners that are produced by us. We have seen the impact of creating, curating and preserving authentic African tastes in a way that reflects on our diverse history, unites our African taste buds today and points a path to our collective future.

Our purpose is to continue making the authentic taste technologies that unite families, start conversations with strangers and amplify our culture and history to the world.
We are committed to doing better for our people, customers, and communities.