🌟 This one is for you Noodle producers! 🍲✨

👉 Freddy Hirsch Nigeria has an exciting announcement: we’ve developed a tantalizing range of noodle flavors perfect for a variety of applications, from traditional ingredients to beloved local tastes!


🍽️ Thorough research and consumer insights, ensuring that each flavor is authentically crafted to cater to the unique palate of the African consumer.

🌿 From regional flavor profiles to cooking traditions, our flavors are meticulously designed to delight.

😋 Our dedicated team, including flavorists, R&D specialists, regulatory experts, analysts, marketers, engineers, and procurement professionals, ensures the highest quality in every batch.

Explore our curated selection of flavors, including Eforiro, Rasel Elhanout, Yassa Chicken, Berebere, and Durban Chicken Curry. Complement your noodle offerings with flavors like Jollof, Chicken Tomato, Curry Chicken, Crayfish, Stockfish, Suya, BBQ, and more!

📚 Experience a taste sensation like no other with our unique noodle flavors, guaranteed to elevate your culinary creations! 🚀


Ready to elevate your noodle game? 🚀 Reply to order!

📍 33 Mobolaji Johnson Ave, Ikeja, Lagos
📞 +234 818 730 3979
📧 Reception.Nigeria@Freddyhirsch.co.za

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