Ice Cream

Memorable Taste Experiences

Ice Cream

We provide ice cream flavors that satisfy your sweet tooth while appealing to you visually. Whether you're looking for classic flavors or innovative twists, our ice cream offerings are crafted to provide a delightful experience. Enjoy creamy textures, luscious flavors, and a wide variety of options that cater to ice cream lovers of all ages.

In West Africa, we are the leading innovator in the development of frozen dessert flavors, extracts, ingredients and formulations and your premier partner for frozen dessert innovation

We’ll collaborate with you to create a custom product or refine an existing one, providing end-to-end support. Our dedicated team of flavorists, food scientists and technical experts come with deep market knowledge and years of food-industry know-how. Let’s create something amazing together!

Our in-depth understanding of the market enables us to provide consumers with innovative taste solutions and sweet delivery systems that help bring life to your dairy, confectionery, and bakery products.

The Freddy Hirsch heritage spans six decades of innovation and excellence, equipping us to solve the challenges of today. Building on our leadership in meat savoury flavours and local expertise in West Africa, we have extended our capabilities to include complete taste, sensory and nutritional solutions and are able to turn insights into winning solutions by tracking and predicting up-and-coming consumer trends.