It is often difficult to assess what African cuisine is, as it reflects a diversity of the many cultures that exist on the continent, with a cuisine that reflects uniquely local, authentic and traditional flavors. Irrespective of the country, African cuisine is united around meals with meat, plenty of whole grains and beans, and fresh fruits and vegetables. From South Africa’s meaty foods, Zimbabwe’s cassava, corn, and flour staples, West Africa’s jollof rice, and flour paste and soups, the continent’s countries have dynamic, flavorful, and very healthy options that reflect their traditions and Arab, European and Asian influences.

African food is reminiscent of people that have visited Africa or have had the African cuisine taste – and no African food is as popular currently as jollof rice.

The African Jollof has a reputation not only for its seductive aroma, deep-red color, and spicy flavor, thanks to a diversified array of recipes; it is also the undisputed queen of West African kitchens, with many countries laying claim to this culinary treasure.

The popularity of the Jollof has extended beyond Africa’s shores and inspired Jollof festivals all over the world, as well as its national day (August 22).

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