Cuisine is no longer local. What starts as delicious food enjoyed in one region has evolved into sought-after dishes at the international level; albeit with countries now localizing specific characteristics. For instance, the Japanese ramen is a popular noodle soup enjoyed in Asia, that has been exported to other parts of the world. In Africa, ramen-type noodles are deeply embedded in the local markets with annual servings exceeding 1.78 billion as of 2017. What is remarkably unique is not only how Asian noodles are different in taste from African noodles, but the taste and application divides in noodles even within Africa!

Today, cuisine is global but taste and applications are not.

The chicken curry is a perfect example of global-turned-hyperlocal cuisine. While the chicken curry originated in 2500 BCE in Asia, it has since evolved into a truly global food, traveling the world through colonization and immigration, indentured labor, trade, and entrepreneurship. Today, curry is everywhere, from chicken tikka masala in the UK to fiery green ‘gaeng’ curry in Thailand, kare raisu in Japan, curry goat in Jamaica, Durban curry in South Africa, and the West African curry for all of West Africa.

In this edition, we feature the versatile chicken curry as it takes on unique local variants, rich textures, and surprisingly healthy bases.

We hope to give the curry the recognition it deserves as a truly adaptive dish, memorialize the African variants of this flavourful dish and draw attention to some of our curry flavors.

Welcome to the second edition of our ‘A Taste of Africa’ newsletter!

Kojo Brifo
Managing Director, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria

Flavor of the Month

Our flavor for the month is the chicken curry; a versatile dish enjoyed across the world, with newer manifestations in Africa.

The curry is a present help in African stews and dishes, giving them a rich blend of taste & colour. Whatever your flavor is: mild yellow-toned curry, or hot red and/or dark curry, Freddy Hirsch’s range of curry flavors will give the peppery taste, the rich blend infused with mouthwatering flavor, and memorable spices that satisfy your delicious palate requirements.

Find out more about our curry flavors here 



You can also watch our video on this Unity Blend of Spices here


Freddy Hirsch in the News

We recently launched a new website for our Nigerian/West African operations and used the opportunity to communicate our regional focus, specifically in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Cote D’Ivoire, and our expanded capabilities as a full-scale concentrate backbone creating authentic flavors for the regional culinary market. Please read this story here.

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