For Africans, food is not only a source of nutrition and energy. It is a way of life. Food is a cultural marker of centuries of tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Like language and spiritual beliefs, African food is a deeply-rooted expression of identity and values. Food is a powerful unifier that is used to nurture family connections, as well as cultural and geographical ancestral links.

Every African meal is incomplete without the exchange of realities in every bite and sip. At the center of every communal gathering, whether weddings, birthdays, naming, or even casual hangouts, are local delicacies, cooked with a rich blend of natural seasonings, spices & flavors, and local beverages.
Friendships are more pleasurable over grilled barbeque or Suya, fried meat or Nkwobi, accompanied with a cold drink, whether it is men nursing a beer at a premiere league game or ladies drinking over a new movie. The best African memories have local flavors and spices, surrounded by laughter, warmth, feelings, and food.

As we celebrate Christmas, we are reminded of the little things that make us happy; social connections, relaxing times, and refreshing meals.

With its world-class Research, Development, and Application laboratories and manufacturing facilities, Freddy Hirsch is amplifying local tastes by accelerating flavor development and customized taste solutions across West Africa. We have invested in innovations, product development, and partnerships with global companies such as Symrise to provide new possibilities and transformational products that create truly African taste. As we send our last newsletter for 2021, we remind you of our expanded capabilities and urge you to let us be your trusted taste partner in 2022 and beyond.
This Christmas, our message is simple: enjoy the season with family and friends, spread love to others, and create new memories over great company, familiar hugs, and great African food, enabled by Freddy Hirsch. We have created a Christmas message for you below; please watch and share.

Welcome to the eighth edition of our ‘A Taste of Africa’ newsletter, with the theme: An African Christmas!

Kojo Brifo
Managing Director, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria

The Message of the Month

Our message for the month is this: enjoy the season with family and friends, spread love to others and create new memories. Take that needed vacation to charge, spend time with loved ones, and spread cheer and love.

We have created a Christmas video for you; please watch here

Source African flavors based on authentic insights

Freddy Hirsch has invested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Research, Development, and Application laboratory and extensive networks that enable it to derive authentic insights from customers, meet their unique taste preferences of the regional market, and develop competitive solutions in culinary, bakery, confectionery, and dairy.

We also offer our customers Naira trading and predictable OPEX, speed to market, due to local sourcing, non-FX issues, and shorter lead times, among others.

Find out more about our Value Proposition here

Freddy Hirsch in the news

Our Managing Director for West Africa, Kojo Brifo decided to wade into the #JollofWars between Nigeria and Ghana and share his perspectives as a food scientist. He highlights the creativity of African delicacies, the history of Jollof, and the unique recipes and urges for an expanded focus on amplifying African cuisine.

Please read the article here.

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