Africa is a gift that keeps giving. The continent’s surrounding seas: the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea provide the continent an impressive variety of different marine ecosystems, near-shore environments, and the miraculous water biodiversity that ensures an endless supply of seafood for consumption.

Africa loves seafood; the ubiquitous stockfish, crabs, salmon, prawns, shrimps, and even lobsters are national cuisines for many countries. For instance, smoked fish finds its way into almost every food tradition across Africa, due to its availability and its delicious taste.

In this edition, we feature the majesty of African seafood and its role as staples for many African homes.

We have also put together some nuggets about seafood and hope you will learn something new.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the fourth edition of our ‘A Taste of Africa’ newsletter!

Kojo Brifo

Managing Director, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria


Flavor of the month

Our flavor for the month is seafood. Universally, seafood embraces all nations and cultures and meets the demand for its unique taste and dietary nourishment sourced for by all classes of people. In Africa, seafood is an important source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 fatty acids, with powerful health benefits for the body and brain. Seafood flavors are also natural enhancers and boost the overall flavor profile of food, making it an important multipurpose flavor ingredient in the culinary world.

Freddy Hirsch in the news

The Managing Director for our Nigerian/West African operations, Kojo Brifo was recently interviewed by a few leading newspapers in Nigeria. Kojo spoke on food insecurity, the impact of AFCFTA on food sustainability, and the supply chain vulnerabilities of food manufacturers in Nigeria and advises patronage of indigenous ingredients distributors amid dollar shortage for imports. You can read this interview here 

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