Freddy Hirsch’s New Noodle Flavours

🌟 This one is for you Noodle producers! 🍲✨ 👉 Freddy Hirsch Nigeria has an exciting announcement: we’ve developed a tantalizing range of noodle flavors perfect for a variety of applications, from traditional ingredients to beloved local tastes! Highlights 🍽️ Thorough research and consumer insights, ensuring that each flavor is authentically crafted to cater to […]

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria launches Bouillon seasoning for West Africa

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a fast-growing African manufacturer of extracts for spices, ingredients, and flavours, has launched a new line of bouillon flavours in the West African market, focusing on the local quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry. Bouillon is a versatile ingredient in African cuisine that improves the flavour of dishes like soups and stews. It is […]

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria spices up West African foods with new smoky, grill flavour seasonings

NIGERIA – Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a fast-growing African manufacturer of extracts for spices, ingredients, and flavours, has unveiled a range of new, authentic smoky and grill seasonings targeted at the West Africa market. The launch is in response to Africa’s grilled food culture, rising consumer preference for local smoke and grill food profiles and demand […]

Freddy Hirsch Urges Manufacturers to Source Savory Flavors without FX Exposure

Following the unprecedented pressure placed on food supply chains, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with bottlenecks in farm labor, processing, transport, and logistics, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a fast-growing African manufacturer of extracts for spices, ingredients, and flavors has advised manufacturing companies operating in the country to engage in backward integration by sourcing their raw materials […]

Who wins the battle of Jollof taste, Nigeria or Ghana?

It is often difficult to assess what African cuisine is, as it reflects a diversity of the many cultures that exist on the continent, with a cuisine that reflects uniquely local, authentic and traditional flavors. Irrespective of the country, African cuisine is united around meals with meat, plenty of whole grains and beans, and fresh […]

Symrise AG, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria to Improve Food Innovation, Nutrition in West Africa

Germany-based fragrances, care, flavorings, and nutrition manufacturer, Symrise AG has entered a strategic partnership with Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a leading manufacturer of spices, ingredients, and flavors. Together, Symrise AG and Freddy Hirsch Nigeria are focused on boosting food innovation and nutrition in West Africa. Under the new partnership, the companies will focus on the development, […]

Nigeria’s food-affiliated industries can get ingredients, flavours without forex

Food Security is very critical for the socio-economic development growth of any country. In Nigeria, the current state of a high reliance on food imports, erratic food supply, and supply shocks due to crisis, for instance in the North and the high costs of food reveals the vulnerability of the country to food insecurity. We […]

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria launches corporate website, positions as West Africa’s flavor house

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a fast-growing African producer and distributor of extracts for spices, ingredients and flavors has announced the launch of a brand-new website for its West African operations. With this website, the company is communicating its regional focus, specifically in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Cote D’Ivoire, and its expanded capabilities as a full-scale […]