African cuisine is yet to take its place on the global stage. For so long, the level of internationalization of most African cuisines has remained low. When accepted internationally, food is a cultural commodity that helps to promote cultures globally. Asides from the cultural nuances, African cuisine can promote gastronomic tourism, generate foreign earnings through food sales in international markets, and accelerate value addition on African agriculture.

African cuisine has suffered a near-total absence in the international literature of global food. Yet African dishes are known for their versatility, delectable flavors, rich textures, and surprisingly healthy bases.

We want to amplify African cuisine to our global audiences.

Join us on this journey as we, through our monthly newsletter, feature delicious foods from across Africa and share some of the ingredients that inspire these traditional African tastes. We will attempt to preserve the authentic tastes of Africa, memorialize flavourful dishes in African homes and draw some attention to the indigenous African food flavor and enhancer market.

Welcome to the first edition of  A Taste of Africa!

Kojo Brifo,
Managing Director, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria


Flavor of the Month

Our flavor for the month is the undisputed king of flavors – The Onion.

The onion is the backbone of all savory dishes across the world. From North to South, East to West, the onion is an essential staple for millions of families around the world.

At Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, we recognize the benefits of the adaptable onion.

From glowing skin, healthy and long hair to enhanced vision and a healthy heart condition, the Freddy Hirsch range of onion flavors adds the perfect zest to your seasoning needs; from Roasted Onion, Fresh Onion, Green Onion, Cooked Onion, Fried Onion to Caramelized Onion.

Find out more about our onion flavors in the flyer below.


Freddy Hirsch Nigeria- A Taste of Africa-Onion

You can also watch our video on the King of Flavours here.



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